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Philip Christian (Maker)

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3After the death of his partner, Richard Chaffers, in 1765, Philip Christian continued the operation of their Shaw's Brow porcelain factory, buying out Mrs Chaffers in 1769 and then bringing his son into the business. 

Sometime in the later 1760s Christian began printing in underglaze blue at the factory.  He may also have undertaken some overglaze printing, although examples of Sadler printing on Christian's porcelain are also known.  Some of Christian's underglaze blue prints are based on Worcester examples, which has lead to confusion, particularly as the two factories each used a soaprock body.

In 1778, Christian sold the factory as a going concern to Seth Pennington and John Part.  As part of the deal it would appear that certain copper printing plates were passed to the buyers, as the same prints appear on both Christian and Seth Pennington porcelain.  Luckily, Seth Pennington produced a bone-ash porcelain , which enables the wares of the two factories to be separated.

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