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Caughley (Maker)

1The porcelain factory at Caughley in Shropshire was completed and in operation by 1775.  It was set up and operated by Thomas Turner and Ambrose Gallimore, and the engraver Robert Hancock advertised that he had the sole province of dealing in this manufacture, except in the London trade.  The major output of the Caughley factory was blue and white porcelain, most of it produced by printing.  A very little overglaze printing on Caughley porcelain has also survived. The factory employed a soaprock body and many of the designs were copied from Worcester examples or inspired by Chinese porcelain.  A number of marks were employed such as a capital S or C in underglaze blue or Salopian impressed (also found in capitals).  By the mid 1790s the factory was in decline and the quality of the porcelain body was deteriorating, as the factory was experimenting with different bodies.  In 1799 Turner sold the factory to Blakeway, Rose & Co of  Coalport.

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