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Brameld (Maker)

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detail BrameldThe Bramelds had interests in a number of Yorkshire potteries including Swinton, Don and Mexborough. Through the Swinton Pottery they had a close connection with Leeds Pottery, the two concerns having temporarily merged from about 1785-1806. Having disentangled themselves from all other concerns from 1806 they operated the Swinton Pottery until its closure in 1842.  They received unstinting support from their landlord, Earl Fitzwilliam, and about 1826 the factory was renamed The Rockingham Works in honour of Earl’s uncle, the Marquis of Rockingham.  The factory created an amazing range of earthenware and stoneware, with every kind of popular decoration including transfer-printed designs. Despite creating a range of splendid porcelains alongside their pottery, and receiving orders from His Majesty King William IV, the Bramelds fell into debt and had to give up their potting business. After 1842 they appear to have been “Manufacturers of Potter’s Materials” and were listed as such in the 1851 census.  For more information see Griffin, John D. 2012. The Yorkshire potteries. London: Leeds Art Fund. For Brameld Pottery on this site click here