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Bodley & Harrold (Maker)

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mkEdward Fisher Bodley and William Harrold were in business together as Bodley & Harold of Scotia Pottery, Burslem.  The first surviving record of this partnership is a notice in the Staffordshire Advertiser of 6 September 1862[1].  The company was in business for about 3 years but left more evidence of their productions than many a longer-lived firm.  Between March 1863 and September 1864 they registered at least 8 designs[2] including the pattern Sandringham shown in the exhibit, which was registered 27 November, 1863.   But perhaps the men were incompatible, their partnership dissolution of 18 April, 1865 was announced in the London Gazette of April 28, 1865[3]and that same year Harrold issued two writs against Bodley.[4]

Bodley continued working Scotia Pottery expanding the business to three separate manufactories.  His son eventual joined the firm and operated two of the factories into the last decade of the 19th century.

To see Bodley & Harrold pottery in this exhibit click here 

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