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Baker, Bevans, & Irwin (Maker)

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BBIThe Glamorgan Pottery in Swansea, Wales, was well underway in 1814 when George Haynes took up a prominent financial and management role in the concern.  Haynes had considerable experience working at the nearby Cambrian Pottery for 21 years, but irreconcilable differences with the new owner forced him to leave and join the firm of Baker Bevans & Irwin.   Baker was Haynes’ son-in-law and had some pottery experience; Bevans & Irwin were likely just investors in the firm.  During the 1820s the pottery enjoyed considerable success producing all kinds of printed and hand-painted creamware and pearlware.

Following the death of George Haynes in 1830, the company began a slow decline. Baker left the concern, Bevans’ other business venture, the Bevans Iron Company, went into bankruptcy and by 1838 the Glamorgan Pottery ceased trading.

For more information see 
Hallesy, Helen L., 'The Glamorgan Pottery, Swansea and some comparisons with Cambrian' in  Welsh Ceramics in Context, Part 1, ed. Jonathan Gray (Swansea: Royal Institution of South Wales, 2003).